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Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure®

My story

I was introduced to Jin Shin Do® in March 1993 after being involved in a head-on car accident.

I had extensive injuries to my cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. There were injuries to my neck, collarbone, right and left knees, and right and left hands and arms. I had broken ribs, bruising to my abdomen and internal organs, and extensive head injuries. I attribute this amazing modality as part of my physical healing, and for opening me up for new opportunities of personal growth and development. I love teaching and sharing this user-friendly and simple to learn modality with people of all levels of expertise.

For more information regarding my personal experience with Jin Shin Do®, read my full story: Part 1 | Part 2

Learning opportunities

What is Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure®?

“Jin Shin Do” means “The Way of the Compassionate Spirit.” Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® uses gentle yet deep finger pressure on specific acu-points and verbal Body Focusing techniques, to help release “armoring” or chronic tension, balance the “Qi” or energy, and improve vitality. This clothes-on method helps relieve stress- and trauma-related problems. A unique synthesis of a traditional Japanese acupressure technique, classic Chinese acutheory,

Taoist philosophy, Qigong (breathing and exercise techniques), Reichian segmental theory and principles of Ericksonian psychotherapy, Jin Shin Do® acupressure was originated by Iona Marsaa Teeguarden.

Kathy Ungerecht is an Senior Authorized Jin Shin Do® Teacher, who has trained with Iona Marsaa Teeguarden. Kathy’s educational offerings include a complete schedule of Jin Shin Do® classes in Alaska and Arizona.

Basic classes are open to all levels of expertise. Class size is limited and are filled on a first registrations received basis. View the class flyer here.

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Disclaimer: Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment or cure of disease. It is a relaxation therapy, and a useful adjunct to licensed, qualified medical or psychological care. For any persistent pain or symptom, even a seemingly minor one, the reader is strongly encouraged to consult a medical doctor. When used in conjunction with standard medical treatment, the Jin Shin Do® Acupressure technique can assist the healing process by releasing tension, decreasing stress and encouraging a sense of increased well-being.

“As a person always looking out for the health and well being of my family and myself I took acupressure classes from Kathy.  Not only did I learn the wonderful healing methods taught but I was introduced to wonderful oils to use in conjunction with the healing modalities.  Kathy is a great teacher and mentor and is very passionate about everything she teaches in her classes. Caring, kind hearted and professional. I continue to use acupressure on my family and myself and cannot thank Kathy enough for my lifetime skills.”

Lucy Darling
Former owner Darling Dental Group

“As a graduate of Kathy’s “In Health” Foot Reflexology Certification Program which she developed, I  acquired the knowledge, skill and confidence to become a professional full-time foot reflexologist who now teaches this program to foot reflexology students.”

“Kathy’s passion and dedication to the development of this program has been life-changing for me.”

Linda Volkman
Certified Foot Reflexologist
Heart and Sole Inspirations

Class Offerings

40 Hours Minimum

In this Basic class, the user-friendly Jin Shin Do® teaching method begins with the unique 45 point system, color-coded chart, simple release examples, and Segmental and Strange Flow theories. This basic class is open to all levels of expertise.

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Simple release methods for specific pains and tensions
  • How to help people enter a deep relaxation state
  • How to ease common symptoms on yourself and others such as headaches, backaches, constipation, fatigue, neck and shoulder tightness and insomnia
  • 8 Strange Flows and their use for energy balancing
  • Locate 55 acu-points in relation to surrounding anatomy.
  • Describe how Jin Shin Do® acupressure can be utilized for general relaxation and to release specific tensions.
  • Demonstrate acu-point combinations for common problems, including tension in the head, neck, shoulders, back, chest, abdomen, pelvis and extremities.
  • Process, in a simple way, the feelings and images which may arise from the body during acupressure release.
  • Perform simple movements that facilitate relaxation and structural-energic balancing.
  • Identify the 8 Strange Flows or extraordinary vessels, and demonstrate their use for energy balancing and general relaxation.

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55 Hours Minimum
Basic Jin Shin Do®

In this course, you will learn to work with the twelve organ meridians using key points to release and balance the energy in each meridian. Emphasis on emotional, physical and spiritual characteristics and associations for each meridian.

Participants learn to:

  • 60 Additional Acupoints
  • Emotional Associations for all organ meridians – 24 Hour cycle of Qi Flow
  • Balancing release patterns for all 12 meridians
  • Traditional associations and characteristics of each organ meridian
  • Introduction of Five Element Theory and Emotional Kaleidoscope
  • Locate over 100 additional acu-points in relation to surrounding anatomy.
  • Describe the twelve organ meridians, differentiating according to location and psycho-physical associations.
  • Differentiate Western and Eastern understanding of physiology.
  • Identify specific acupressure point combinations for meridian release.
  • Demonstrate understanding of local-distal point theory.
  • Identify the legal-ethical role of the acupressurist.

25 Hours minimum
Prerequisite: Basic Jin Shin Do®

This class will give you the tools to help you guide your client into a deeper state of awareness. Learn active listening skills that also assist you in everyday life communications. Experience and & practice being in the NOW and being present to those around you. Learn skills to reach a deeper state of relaxation with simple easy to use body mind focusing techniques. Learn tools for dealing with feelings and images that may arise during sessions or in your personal relationships. Practice body focusing techniques. Experience treatments while receiving your choice of sessions in the afternoons while practicing the processing skills learned. This is an experiential class and there are no new points learned.

Participants learn to:

  • To learn simple verbal skills for responsibly dealing with feelings & images that may arise during sessions.
  • To demonstrate basic counseling skills like active listening.
  • To practice the Body Focusing Technique.
  • To describe conscious and unconscious levels of communication and the appropriate use of suggestions. (The unconscious doesn’t hear negatives.)


  • Empathy: Active listening. Body Focusing techniques. Conscious and unconscious levels of communication, and the power of words.
  • Communication skills: including, congruence; avoiding labels; replacing “should-shouldn’t” with “I messages” and use of the suggestive form.
  • Accepting: encouraging and following the release process.
  • Understanding the therapeutic relationship: transference and counter-transference (projection).
  • Implications of touch.
  • Ethics: emphasizing confidentiality and refraining from sex with clients.

“Taking Kathy’s classes is like spending time at a retreat—a trip away from ‘ordinary’ life and a time to learn, explore and share.”

8 Hours Minimum

This acupressure facial works with the main neck points, called “Windows of the Sky,” as well as with other points on the face and head, releasing tension and aiding circulation of “Qi” up and down the body, to open the “windows.” This 12-step Jin Shin Do® facial, originally developed for cosmetologists, uses only points on the face, head, neck, arms and hands. This class is also a good review for technique and point location.  Wonderfully relaxing!

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